Prednisone Diaries.

Day 39: This morning I was lethargic, almost depressed, then I was manic, ready to do anything, but as I am writing this I am tired.

Falling asleep has gotten harder. My body wants to go, go, go! Since I could not sleep last night, I decided to look up prednisone struggles.

Moon face- I am not alone in that struggle!

Weight gain- 10 extra pounds appeared on my body in a week!

Mood swings- I am a fiery bitch half the time and depressed, happy, manic, and paranoid the other half.

My teeth have been sensitive to everything. Drinking anything hot or cold without a straw causes a horrible ache; I blame prednisone.

My boy…friend is wary of me and my hysteria. He gets to experience most of my crazy because I love him. He’s a lucky guy.

I have more to say about prednisone and its effects, but the crazy is too strong in me right now. A better day will come


Author: heidi

I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up.

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