What happened!

My cardiologist was suppose to call 2 weeks ago with how we will proceed with my care. After a week of not hearing from him, I became anxious. After two weeks of not hearing from him, I became crazy.
I am in a lot of pain that radiates from my chest to neck, shoulders, and left arm. Breathing is painful. I feel my heart beating against me. The anxiety amplifies things, of course. I get the shakes!
I finally called my cardiologist because 2 weeks is way too long. I left a message. Two days later I called again-no response. The next day I call again-no response. The day after that mom decided to get some answers. She called and was told my doctor was taking patients and his nurse was in a meeting but they would put an urgent note in for her to call us. 2 hours later mom called again and was told the nurse went home for the day.
What are you suppose to do when your doctor and his nurse are dodging your phone calls! You have your mother call the nurse practitioner, who is also a mother!
The nurse practitioner did not know what was happening or how my cardiologist was proceeding with my care but she would find out and call us back!
Late last night Dr. 3 called me. Dr. 3 is not Dr. 1 or Dr. 2, but Dr. 3–we have not had much interaction. Apparently, Dr. 1, whom I have been waiting to hear from, whom we were told was taking patients, is on vacation for 2 weeks. In Dr. 1’s notes he has me going on methotrexate on December 20th but I was not called. So, Dr. 3 told me he would try to reach Dr. 1 but until then he would get me more Vicodin–I went to urgent care on Saturday to make sure I was not dying because it felt like I was dying and they gave me Vicodin–for the pain.
At this point someone could punch me in the face and I would probably just giggle.


Rheumatology called today. They will be managing my methotrexate. I have an appointment with them on the 16th.
When they called they said Dr. 1 and Dr. 3 gave referrals. So, I think rheumatology was suppose to contact me on the 20th.
Just a couple more months of this nonsense, hopefully!

Author: heidi

I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up.

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