Methotrexate Take 2!

If only I had positive news…

I will begin Methotrexate on Sunday. The most common side effects, she said, are: hair loss, gastric issues, and mouth ulcers. I was given the option of pills or self injections. The self injections are more tolerable than the pills, so I chose injections. I will be on it for a year…She thinks. The good news is I get to start lowering my prednisone dose next month!

I do now know what to expect from this. I am scared. I am tired. I want to be done.

I go to MD in a week. I get to see Joon and Jeannie for two weeks! This will be a good distraction.


Author: heidi

I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up.

One thought on “Methotrexate Take 2!”

  1. I appreciate your blog and updates…and your fighting spirit. On days of discouragement, I wish you HOPE. Wes and I send LOVE and prayers for God’s peace that is beyond human understanding during difficulties.


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