I have a fever(!), I did not allow my body the rest it needed because I was too manic to sit still, It’s Sunday-not so fun-day, and I discovered a rash on my arms and feet.

I should have gone to bed after finding the rash but I diagnosed myself with lupus instead! I’ll just go to bed next time.



Still Here

I have been on methotrexate for one month. I still have my hair so I think it is going well. 

I could tell you I have spent the last several Mondays nauseas and crabby because of my new drug, but I am tired of being “sick”. 

I wish I could be that strong, inspiring, woman who is hiking mountains and raising money for all the babies when the odds are against her, but I don’t even have the emotional strength to write a good blog post.

What I did do this week: I went to goodwill, bought a plastic unicorn, cut a hole in it, spray painted it glittery gold, and I am going to plant a succulent on its butt. 

Terrariums and my sparlky unicorn have made me tremendously happy this week!